Balloon Decor Guide 2020

with a little foreword...

We, at Enchanted Designs, Balloons and More, pride ourselves on the impeccable artistry of all our products. Our goal is always to surpass our clients’ expectations beyond our abilities. The balloon decor market involves many factors when establishing pricing. In keeping with our integrity to serve you best, we have created this chart of popular designs and their pricing guide.

We decided to add this note, however, just to clarify why the price may be so variable from one vendor to another. 

Just like any other field, there are bargain vendors, offering lower overall quality products, and there are professionals that provide top of the line product, quality, and service. We pride ourselves on being the later, the best in the Tri-state area!

We understand that price comparison is a necessary step when shopping in any field. All we ask is that clients compare the price to the same value and quality as the competitor offers. Our prices are standard for the market, when compared to equally qualified vendors.

What is different is our promise of exceptional quality and highest satisfaction rate with attention to every detail, in addition to unmatched customer service, ready to accommodate your every need.  

We love what we do and truly put our heart and soul into every creation! 

Most of our creations are custom and unique, but are nevertheless built on the popular designs presented in this guide. All the work is done under scrupulous supervision of Yelena, the owner, who is also a Certified Balloon Artist,

reinforcing commitment to our values and the artform. 

We specialize in designs that are different from the rest of the competition and are committed to making sure

Your Event will be remembered long after it is over!

We always try to maximize client's budget, regardless of how small or expansive it is, with an option that would offer the best value. Very often, clients are not familiar with just how many interesting options can be offered for the same budget! 

We sincerely hope we can deserve your trust and add you to a long list of our happy clients!

Click the image to enlarge *all pricing excludes taxes and delivery fee

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